Never Give Up on Creativity.

Most creative people are plagued by self-doubt, the trick is to be aware of it and keep at it when a draft is not going well. It is equally as important to – understand and accept – when your doubts are more than just the usual crisis of self-confidence – when you feel deep in your bones that what you’re working on is going nowhere. Good blog by Tom on this – please go and like the original post, thank you 🙂

Idle blogs of an idle fellow

“Always stop with a victory.”

Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power

What is it with starting things? We are constantly told how we should be doing more. And advice in leading fuller, more enriched lives invariably concerns starting something. Apart from cars. If they’re not starting you may as well buy a new one, they’re like kettles these days. The pressure to start something far outnumbers how to finish something 10 to, well, I’m not sure actually, I started that statistic with no idea how to complete it.

Every journey starts with a single step – before going back for your phone charger – but when should we stop? A journey might start on the London Underground’s Circle Line, but if we don’t get off we’re just going around in circles. Well, in fact we’re not because it isn’t really a circle, it’s more the shape of a small…

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2 thoughts on “Never Give Up on Creativity.

  1. Salut ma grande. J’espère que tu n’es pas trop exposée à cette peste Camusienne. Tant pis pour les pubs, il va falloir rester un peu à la maison. Bon courage.
    Biz et A +


  2. My mother told me that art and culture were important. But they were other times. It was my past, days when I did not yet know the reality of things. Then I left Italy to go to London and I knew the reality and for me it was devastating. I have burned and destroyed many works. Creativity has kept me away from the world and has not allowed me to come to the world prepared. I still don’t know all the rules of reality. For this reason I have no friends and I have a life that I don’t like. I would rather have a normal life than to suffer a lot and create all the artistic things that are considered useless. Because art is now dead. If you don’t make money, you’re not important. This is reality and I discovered it too late. 😟


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