Lock-Down. How to Self Isolate…

Self-isolating is no joke, people – but it doesn’t need to be miserable either. I loved this by Tom – we’re in desperate need of humour right now. Please go and like the original post, thank you 🙂

Idle blogs of an idle fellow

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”  S. Kelley Harrell

*do not follow this advice. Or indeed any in this blog, other than the swimming bit.

Be careful what you wish for. Here we all are. All working from home due to Coronavirus, which my spellcheck already recognises. We are housebound like we’d prayed for every Monday morning since we started working; all those prayers for an extra day in bed have been answered. But, how will we survive? It’s all very well wanting time at home because you’re too hungover to pick up the post from the doormat, but sober? What do we do with all this time?

For most writers this is sort of self-isolation comes naturally, although having government-sanctioned marksmen on rooftops with L115A3 rifles trained on front doors to prevent you from leaving probably puts a different slant on staying at home to nail…

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7 thoughts on “Lock-Down. How to Self Isolate…

      1. Salut “ma grande”. Good to hear from you… Yes, very surreal. Breton and Dali would have liked it. We’re ok. One our daughters is a doctor at a hospital here, and so is her husband. So we are a bit concerned at her exposure. We haven’t seen them or our other daughter or our grandchildren in 3 weeks… Better safe than sorry.
        What do I think? In a nutshell, 99% of world leaders have proved to be complete morons. Bad reading, bad planning, denial, utter stupidity. We are going to have do some serious “accounting” and accountability when this is over… Not to mention the Huuuuge economic crisis.
        Et toi? Ça va? tu peux rester chez toi? Stay safe.
        Love et biz back.


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