Bio: I'm French and I like to write. I'm opinionated, a real bookworm, obsessed with words, interested in Fashion & Style. I don't follow the crowd and I'm drawn towards *unique* people who have things to say. Intelligence is sexy and brains really do it for me. I'm also a qualified journalist, in possession of the NCTJ diploma from the National Council for the Training of Journalists in the UK.

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  1. Precise bio, your posts showcase that your talent runs really deep and is natural. Loved the little i have seen and staying tuned for more.Earned my support through my follow. Cheers! – Cezane

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  2. You have a very cool blog…. I don’t speak a word of French, though I did try to learn it in college. Years later, I learned Chinese, which I find much simpler than French!

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      1. Well… In college I took French for the wrong reason. There was a girl I liked so….
        But, I could never get my head around the pronunciation.

        I find Chinese easier to pronounce than, for instance, South Indian languages

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  3. Hey Nathalie, I tried replying back to you but it didn’t let me. I visited the page from yesterday and it ask me to put my password. I did it and it didn’t work. Is everything okay?

    This is what I was trying to reply back to you.

    “I too, have experience this in my life. It’s the most messed up thing ever. I feel for you Nathalie. I’m here for you if you need a friend. 🙂 It’s really hard and difficult to trust anyone these days. Faces can be very deceptive and in the end, their true colors show.

    I wish I can cheer you up, but the only way I can do that is if you check out my blog. Trust me. when you get a chance. You’ll be surprised. 🙂


  4. I was going through your blog and the way you write is fascinating. And yes intelligence is attractive and ‘You are Beauty With Brains’. Loved your blog.
    Try out my blog, maybe you’ll like it. 🙂

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    1. Who said I disliked you?! Hello?? I don’t remember saying that at any point. I actually have a good friend on here who is/was a Trump supporter so it’s not like I strike people off because of politics. Though I would call being a Trump supporter something more than just “a small political disagreement” 😉

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  5. Today I read your blogs. As I was reading- the back door was wide open and the wind blowing through. It seemed to compliment your freedom of writing- The wind cannot be contained- and neither can you I feel. The blogs you have written are fresh and have shown me something about my self….. Thank you …….

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      1. Yes, so i seems! However, they play once or twice a week. They will be playing tonight,
        I can hardly wait!
        There was a different band a week ago. I thought I would lose my mind. All I could hear was an overly mixed bass guitar, no drums, no lead guitar and and a banshee screeching out vocals.
        I lodged a complaint with the music supervisor. He was shocked. He said he thought the vocalist was great, and that the drummer was amazing.
        I told him I never wanted to hear that again…. OR!


  6. I like how you speak exactly what you’re thinking. I’m trying to get a start on writing and could you use comments and critiquing. If you have the time check out my blog and my post. I want to know how people see my writing and someone like you who speaks truly and freely could help me get an idea of what I’m doing right and especially what the hell I’m doing wrong!


      1. You should make that shrine a reality. Reserve a small table in your room for various toys and memorabilia related to the Lord of the Rings: some Nazgul figurines, a toy dragon, a plastic sword, a cheap ring from a cereal box, and maybe a few mushrooms. Oh, and you must find a way to fit something volcano-related on the table as well!

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  7. How do you get off tweeting insults to people that are in a bad situation out of no fault of their own? Since you’re a book lover, I recommend The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert. I believe your rancor and ill will hurts you as much as it hurts others. I sincerely hope you find ways to heal.


  8. Hello,
    I see that you enjoy it when people on twitter call James O’Brien a cunt.

    So if a random/anonymous bloke in England/America/Russia calls James O’Brien a fucking cunt you’d get in there giving him the thumbs up even if the bloke you’re giving the thumbs up to actually is a cunt and not actually presenting a coherent argument or making the case?

    I’m not convinced the mostly anonymous blokes on twitter calling James a cunt are actually the fine intellectuals and decent human beings they insist they are.

    Can you list the names of 10 highly respected journalists who have gone on twitter to call James a cunt – rather than 10 anonymous blokes with strange twitter bios? Just 10 will do.

    The idea that James is a cunt deserves to be explored further if we are going to adopt it as an established fact and use it as an argument against him. Yes?

    As an example, if James writes another book, you and the rest of us might like to get on social media and declare the book must be boycotted as it was written by ‘that fucking vile cunt who…”. After we have made the case, not before.

    If we can prove James is one of the vilest men in England – a fucking disgusting cunt worthy of our disdain and contempt – we can all start calling him a fucking cunt and a piece of shit and put an end to his career.

    If we can’t prove he’s a fucking cunt then maybe we shouldn’t be giving the thumbs up to idiots on twitter who insist he is. That would be fair, I think. Cunts don’t do fairness, in my experience – cunts gonna cunt.

    Let us prove James is one of the vilest men ever to have lived in Great Britain – and then we can declare him a cunt and a much bigger cunt than, say, anyone who has ever worked in media or politics over the past 30 years.

    We must first make the case, then we can pass judgement. Once we go down the route of declaring various authors to be cunts on twitter, we must back up our arguments, I think.

    As a further example of this: a 17 year old woman in Scotland might declare “That Stephen Fry is a cunt and a traitor” on twitter – at which point we need to establish if this 17 year old is a reliable source we should recommend to others, or just an idiot. We can not declare Stephen Fry is a traitor and a cunt just because a 17 year old in Scotland has told us this.

    We can not put Stephen Fry in prison for treachery without first establishing wether the 17 year old calling him a traitor has evidence to back up her claim.

    Put it this way: if a random bloke in my local pub declares you to be a cunt, after I read him one of your poems, it doesn’t make it so and I must take take his condemnation of you with a pinch of salt rather than accepting it as gospel – maybe this bloke simply hates female poets and writers, for example, following his own failed marriage to an author. Maybe he’s an ignorant cunt whose musings are mostly ignored by his family and friends? Maybe he’s just in a bad mood? Whatever – we must first establish the reliability of our source before adopting his position that you’re a fucking cunt and spreading this “fact” to other people in an attempt to ruin your career.


  9. Saw this today and for some (not so) strange reason it reminded me of you!: 🙂

    Ready for the Second Wave??

    If it all gets too much maybe you could think of moving to (West) Aus? (If you don’t mind the mandatory 2 week quarantine!) – We seem to be handling it better than most down here.

    Take care of yourself. ooxx


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