On the outside, I was
well put-together, a polished shell
luxurious mane of dark hair
skin delicate porcelain
bright cyan eyes
popular, clever, straight A’s
window dressing at best—
at worse, half-truths and lies
which were betrayed
by chewed-up nails
hands continuously restless
overflowing ashtrays
piling up around me like used cars
in a dealer’s yard
I ran with scissors
juggled with razors
under the cover of darkness
this, the predators
knew, felt
they could smell weakness
a need to love and help
so great
it would seal my fate
tie me to a runaway train
for more years than I could bear
they—could hardly believe their luck
couldn’t wait to fuck me
and fuck me up
defective and mean
they’d bite
claws digging into soft flesh
they’d forgotten or didn’t recognise kindness
perhaps never knew it,
lacked it, hence hated it
either way it came to the same thing
and it’d always end in the same fashion
I’d bleed, weep
my tears falling, for myself
but mostly for them
I hadn’t managed to fix my pain
but even worse, I hadn’t fixed theirs

*Posted last year but I like it. I’ve grown tougher over the last few years, thank f**k, but overall, this is such an accurate description of my (early) life. Oh, and on reflection, the pic of my eye is slightly creepy, sorry about that.*



When you are as fussy with everything (people included) as I am, connections are rare and you loathe to sever them. However, sometimes you have to, for whatever reason.
It happened to me last week and being the over-thinker that I am, I worried that although it was sort of a mutual decision, my parting words might have hurt the other person’s feelings.
I thought that it was more than likely I had expressed myself rather clumsily, that I gave the impression I hadn’t appreciated the connection fully, that I’d diminished it. I basically started wishing I could erase the last week and start again. 
So, I was hit with a pang of guilt and regret, but what was done was done.
Not long afterwards, I realised that this “connection” had unfollowed me both on social media and WP and had also removed me from their list of followers.
Why the unnecessary drama? We interacted for a while and it was fine until we had a conflict – it lasted a day and it wasn’t anything major. That we stopped talking privately as a result is one thing, but to go through the whole unfollowing thing as well? If they really had to unfollow me, then, fine, I can accept that choice though I don’t understand it, but to remove me from their list of followers was just ridiculous – there was nothing to warrant that, we hadn’t had a major falling-out or anything. Maybe I wanted to keep on enjoying their writing? Forcing people to unfollow you is such a silly thing to do anyway when you’re on a public platform – you can’t stop people from looking at your content unless you go the private route.
There is also the fact this person had said (repeatedly) that they admired my mind and creativity. They can’t have meant it because if they had, they wouldn’t have taken active steps so that I wouldn’t appear on their feed anywhere.
I, however, did mean it when I said I enjoyed their writing, and liked their mind, which is why I will keep on reading them – even if I have been removed from ‘lists’ – though not just yet, because right now everything I liked and still do about them is overshadowed by this…pettiness that I really didn’t expect.
I just feel that life is too short for unnecessary drama.

(Song makes sense to me, in relation to this, though it probably won’t for anyone else – and I make no apology for the Noel Gallagher worship)

It’s all over for now

Night King and Dragon

I wrote a little something after every episode this season so I have to add my final thoughts.

The finale was VERY satisfying, despite how they’ve rushed things to get to it.

The fact Arya and Sansa were playing Littlefinger all along was a “thank fuck for that” moment, because the alternative would have made no sense, especially (as I said last week) with Bran being this all-knowing person now. So Littlefinger’s days of plotting and scheming are over – about time.

The whole meeting in the Dragon pit was interesting, stellar acting from Lena Headey (Cersei), as per usual. The fact the meeting didn’t really achieve anything was no surprise, it was a silly idea – it was obvious bringing a wight to Cersei was never going to sway her. That meeting happened for one reason only: so we could get all the main protagonists in one place.

I really enjoyed the scene between Cersei and Tyrion, I was also incredibly relieved Jaime finally called time on his relationship with his demented sister – I knew he would do the right thing in the end. It just made sense, but their parting was nonetheless heartbreaking.

Jon and Dany did the deed. Humph. I found that scene kinda sickly. It’s strange because incest didn’t disturb me when it was Cersei and Jaime – theirs was such a fascinating relationship and it really felt like love, especially in the first few seasons. But Jon and Dany, I can’t get with it.

I know we have been told by different characters that they were “falling for each other”, etc…but I never saw it myself. When did they? They looked at each other a bit, ok, but didn’t really spend that much time together, didn’t really have meaningful talks…it just doesn’t feel right. They have got together because it’s expected, because it adds a twist, but not because they have been swept away by love and lust – I’m just not buying it. I can’t be the only one to see there’s zero chemistry between them two. 

That’s another difference between this incestuous love affair and the Lannister one: Cersei and Jaime, we have seen their relationship grow and evolve over time (all 7 seasons) while Jon and Dany met and pretty much got together instantly – it was rushed, like so many other things in season 7.

Also, Jon has been confirmed as Aegon Targaryen – rightful heir to the throne. We all knew by now, but to have Bran look back and say it was still a satisfying moment. Or it was for me anyway, as I started championing Jon as the Targaryen who was the legitimate heir YEARS ago when most people looked at me rather dubiously when I mentioned it.
Will any of us be able to stop calling him Jon though? I doubt it.

The wall crumbling gave us some breathtaking scenes. That dead dragon is as awesome as I thought it would be. It’s just a shame the plot plunged to ridiculous depths to have the Night King acquire his WMD. I’m sure he could have done so in a much more believable way. But anyway, that ending was epic, the sight of the White Walkers and their army standing underneath the wall before it was breached and they marched ahead was fucking fantastic.

How long will we have to wait for the ending? Some have said it might take 2 years, I bloody hope not but it probably will. Apparently there will only be 6 episodes in the last season, that worries me because we still have to deal with the White Walkers, Jon finding out about who he really is, how it’s going to affect his relationship with Dany, who’s finally going to end on the Iron Throne, etc…I bet they are going to rush the ending, like they rushed this season. I’d rather wait longer and for them to really do things properly, but of course it is not up to me.

In any case, I can’t wait for the ending though I’m going to be distraught when it’s all over. Despite the many flaws this last season, Game of Thrones is incredible TV. After the finale last night, I was so pumped up I couldn’t sleep for ages even though I had stayed up till 2am to watch it – as I have been doing every Sunday since Season 7 started.

On a final note, I must say the soundtrack has been absolutely amazing – I don’t think I had mentioned it up to now.

Winter has come, will it ever end? We must wait to find out.


He was just unlucky, he says, as he aligns his pills neatly on the table, each in the exact order it has to be taken. His face wears deep lines, his eyes are dull, his skin is that sickly off-white hue, his body is somehow reduced, shrunken – a man old before his time. And he is not even bitter.

“Nobody knew” he mumbles. “How could we have known?”

How indeed? Who could have guessed sex had turned into a game of Russian roulette?

On second thought, he thinks he was fortunate, actually, considering. He’s been ill on and off for 20 years, his body is ravaged by the more or less constant battles, but he is, after all, still alive when so many others aren’t. He attended countless funerals in his late 20’s, until he stopped going to them because he feared he had become desensitised.

We are talking via FaceTime and there’s no way I want him to see the tears in my eyes, so I force a smile and tell him that huge framed Madonna poster on the wall behind him is freaking me out.

He laughs, and orders me in that mock angry voice not to diss the queen.

I start singing “Like A Prayer”. He carries on, and we both can’t sing for shit but we slowly get into it, we know all the words of course, and go through the entire song, hand clapping and all, and by the end I think a little bit of colour has appeared on his sunken cheeks.

“80’s pop really was the best, wasn’t it?” He grins.

“Well, duh.”

We both laugh for no actual reason, and just like that, we are transported back to a time when we used to sing enthusiastically and dance crazily and laugh hysterically, a time when the future was still waiting, full of promises, a future that was uncertain, though if we were sure of one thing, it was this: we would always be friends.

And in this at least, we were right.

*Songs chosen because both he and I loved them then and still do. I’ve sweated buckets dancing to “Why?” over the years, it’s a fantastic song and it was just so incredibly relevant. As for “Smalltown Boy”, the 12 inch version is one of my favourite songs ever – it makes my top 10 list, easy.*


It is sad I have to say this, but I clearly do:

I don’t identify with the alt-right
I have NO sympathy for neo-Nazis
I don’t think ALL liberals are bad people

My post about liberals attracted such comments:

You said destroying statues was worse than killing people.
You said fascists are anyone whose opinion you disagree with.
You said we shouldn’t worry about neo-Nazis as they are not dangerous.

(This is just a selection)

I said NONE of those things.

I really, really don’t mind people disagreeing with me as long as they at least understand what I was saying to start with. What’s the use of debating if you have your own special interpretation of what I said?

Somebody I thought I knew a little told me yesterday: “…in my fascistly liberal uncaring opinion…” when I had told this person – clearly – you are NOT a fascist liberal.
The same person followed with the fact that some young liberals they personally knew were not fascists either…when I had ALSO explained that my broad rule and divide of liberals into an older and younger generation was not foolproof and that – of course – there were exceptions in both groups.

So, ‘liberally’ interpreting my words and choosing their own version of what I was actually saying …why? I have no idea, but I was baffled and appalled.

This person thought my comment had been patronising. Right. Well, maybe it read that way if you didn’t understand it. But even if it was, how about the fact you’re talking to me as if I implied ‘this’ and ‘that’ when I made it clear to you I had not? What about that? What would you call it? Would you say that’s worse than being patronising? Because I would.

There was also the guy who knew everything there was to know about anarchy, the former Soviet Union, communism, fascism – you name it, he knew it. I have to give it to him, the guy is a fountain of knowledge. However, he was totally incapable of analysing anything. That’s the thing, an encyclopaedia is only useful if you, er…know how to use it.
This guy was also the worse culprit when it came to completely misunderstanding everything I said. He never addressed any of my points either while accusing me of that very thing.

I said: “Trump supporters have been physically attacked ever since before he became president.”

And he replied with: “… in 1930, such and such happened, also the relationship between Ukraine and Russia…and also 200 years ago, they did…blah blah blah.”

You know SO much, it’s great, but what the hell has it got to do with what I just said?? How does it apply?? Explain this to me instead of throwing in a free History lesson.

Hence there was a lot of ridiculous back and forth between me and this person and he ended up wasting his time as well as mine.

I am so very glad I wrote my “Liberal post” because some of the reactions to it proved my point perfectly: a lot of liberals cannot handle anyone disagreeing with them and if you dare do that, you MUST be right-wing. They want to re-write history by pulling down statues, discriminating against whites and the ‘privileged’ and they also like to rewrite what you said because it’s so much easier than trying to understand where you’re coming from.

How fucking sad. Nobody knows what I meant to say better than I, since I was the one who wrote it, so STOP putting words in my mouth. AND I despise the alt-right as much as I despise the hard left so don’t lump me together with people I don’t have anything in common with. It seems the concept of there being many shades of grey in between black and white is impossible to grasp for many.

But, as I said the other day and I won’t repeat myself, it’s no wonder people keep quiet when they are attacked and labelled in such a manner.

It’s funny because I – who’s apparently some kind of Nazi – when I read something I’m not sure about, if I’m in doubt as to what the author meant, I don’t go in all guns blazing with name calling and accusations, I ask questions, calmly. How outrageous of me.

I wrote numerous posts denouncing Trump in the last year – I had lots of people telling me they disagreed with me, but apart from one person I can recall, nobody was actually aggressive, nobody personally attacked me, nobody made me feel like utter shite for having an opinion.

However, every single time I’ve written about liberals, there’s been awful name calling, personal attacks, bullying, and in a couple of particular bad cases: stalking, with actual threats made towards me and my family.

The worst thing I ever heard was: “I hope you have children so you can watch them die slowly and painfully.” – yep, that was a liberal, not the alt-right.

There will be those now who will jump to the conclusion I just said the alt-right is incapable of insulting and bullying etc…that is NOT what I am saying. Of course they can be vile and hateful, the difference is that I haven’t personally experienced it (which does NOT mean it doesn’t happen!) AND that I would expect that type of behaviour from them – far more than I would expect it from Liberals.

I will not stop writing those type of posts, though I get lots of grief every time I do.
As I said to that fountain of knowledge the other day, you don’t have to kill people to hurt them and cause damage.

It is worth noting I didn’t just wake up one day and decided that liberals are responsible for all the ills of the world (I don’t think that either)
I have just noticed over the last few years a growing and worrying trend among liberals to insult, bully, demonise and to force their opinions on everyone else. It has been my experience – it doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY experience or even the only one worthy – but it’s been mine and I’m entitled to write about it – this is called free speech.

All that said, special thanks go to Rob who always debates calmly and reasonably. I’m not saying this because he happened to agree with my latest post, because Rob and I have disagreed about Trump in the past, but we managed to do it while remaining friendly with each other – shocking.
Also thank you to Brieuc who came in late last night to read my post and offered a rational, informed opinion. It was so refreshing and it made up a little for some of the unfair and unjustified comments that had come my way previously. This was one of my points in my last post: I will never stop speaking my mind, but it doesn’t mean I’m made of stone and don’t get affected when people verbally abuse me.
Something, maybe, to think about.

What if


You say
You understand
That it doesn’t matter
That it’s fine
But I think
What if it’s too late
What if I pray
For nothing
What if
It’s the end?
And the guilt
Is suffocating
The regret
Of the scale

(For my beautiful friend
Who flew from halfway
Across the world
In May
To come & stay
Here in England
For a short while
And I didn’t make time
To see her
Because of my Master’s
End of year project
Because I was stressed
As she arrived
Just before the deadline
And it wasn’t until
Last night
When we spoke
And she told
Gave me shocking updates
That I realised
What a mistake
I made
Back in May
I lost sight
Of what really matters –
And it’s not Master’s)

Image Credit:  j3ff3rson.deviantart.com

Lazy plot, amazing visuals


Who thought sending main characters beyond the wall was a good idea?
It was Jon, wasn’t it, who decided to go, as if bringing Cersei a white walker is going to make any difference.

Anyway, I always thought it was a stupid, IDIOTIC plan but now I know why it happened – so the Night King could acquire a weapon of mass destruction therefore making his army even MORE powerful than it already is.

The latest episode had some good dialogue (the banter really was great) and brilliant visual scenes, but it was let down by the plot.

Our little gang are confronted by hundreds of white walkers…because, what else could possibly have happened??!! I’m going back to the fact going beyond the wall was utterly stupid – what happened was inevitable.

And now, I mention AGAIN fast travel. I’m sorry, but if it has been ridiculous up to now, last night it was just TOO much.

We can assume the guys have gone a fair way beyond the wall by this point and yet…

Gendry goes running back to the wall in record time and…

they send a raven to Dany which must be a magical one that covers hundreds of miles in a few hours…

so Daenerys can come to the rescue with her dragons which presumably also cover hundreds of miles within hours.

So, just in the nick of time, our heroes are all saved, though…

the Night King, for no discernible reason, decides to switch his SITTING target of Daenerys on her dragon to a much more difficult, further away AND moving one: flying Viserion.

Well, simply because we can’t lose Daenyris and everyone else, and we must have the Night King acquire his WMD – but still, it was badly done.

Then of course Jon gets left behind – for NO good reason – and falls (is dragged) below the ice. Only to come out again to what looks like certain death but…

deus ex machina alert – and that was just too much, too predictable, too easy, too lazy.

The Night King is clearly no fool – as well as being an ace thrower – and he controls those dead things, would he really not have realised the ice was now solid enough to hold them all until the hound started foolishly throwing stones?

This entire beyond the wall section was just so badly done, plot wise.

Then, we have Arya fast becoming annoying even though I usually LOVE her. I can’t stand Sansa, and while I think she may have some vague desire to become queen, I don’t see her betraying Jon. Also, she WAS just a kid when she sent that letter, why couldn’t Arya with her training – which supposedly taught her about the art of lying – see that?
More to the point, why can’t she sense Littlefinger is messing with them both? And why isn’t Bran interfering with his all-seeing mind?
This whole thing between the sisters feels forced, more lazy writing there as well.

AND, Sansa said yesterday: I haven’t heard from Jon in weeks. Ok, that makes sense, ravens are flying from the wall to Dany in the blink of an eye but Jon hasn’t managed to send a raven to his sister in weeks, to, you know, let her know he’s ok!

In other news, Jon finally bent the knee – not literally, but he did. While the entire world wants him and Dany to get together, I don’t. All I can think of is: you can do better Jon.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the season finale, and I am SO excited about the Night King having his own dragon – that should make for some truly amazing visuals and epic scenes in the very last season. Just another year to wait.

The new Fascism you should worry about

We all saw the neofascists in Charlottesville. It was an appalling spectacle and everybody fell over themselves to convey their horror on social media. I got the feeling though that a sizeable chunk of people didn’t seem to be aware of the existence of Nazis in the present day. Because, Nazis didn’t just suddenly spring out of nowhere, they’ve always been there, it’s just that they have been compelled to crawl out of their holes.
So, Twitter went into meltdown. You could not scroll without the word Nazi jumping out at you time and time again.

One thing kept coming back: “this is what happens when you elect a Trump.”
Well, no. Trump didn’t create those people, he didn’t wish them into existence, those people were there already.
Trump is a deranged and not very bright human being who somehow managed to get to the highest office in the world’s most powerful country. Why? Were the people who voted for him ALL white supremacists? No, not at all, far from. It’s such a simplistic way of looking at things.
Many people voted for Trump as a protest, they rejected the liberals’ growing ascendancy over our society. I have said it time and time again but when you dismiss people’s genuine concerns and refuse to let them express them because of political correctness, you breed resentment. Resentment is dangerous, it simmers and eventually it boils over and this is when an intellectually deficient narcissist gets elected. Trump is not a cause, he is a symptom.

Do not condemn Trump for Charlottesville, he’s not responsible for it.
Here is an example (there are many more in the same vein) of what appeared on Twitter after Charlottesville:


A pop star decided to apologise for the entire white population. As you do. She’s responsible for Charlottesville and so am I, so are all of us. Except, I don’t feel that I am. And the fact this idiotic singer decides to speak and apologise on my behalf makes me terribly angry. Fuck you, Lorde. You and your kind are part of the problem, you are one of the reasons why Nazis are marching the streets.
This type of talk is incredibly damaging. It antagonises racists (obviously) but it also antagonises non racist white people – like me – who don’t have this typical liberal need and thirst for self-flagellation.
And do you know what happens when people who are just living their lives more or less free of prejudice get accused of things they haven’t done? They get pissed. Maybe a little, maybe massively, but they DO get pissed. And again, that is dangerous. It gives rise to prejudice that wasn’t actually there in the first place, why not steal when I’ve already been called a thief? Why the fuck not? Tar everyone with the same brush and we might just end up all being the same.

Then we had the inimitable Owen Jones, the British journalist and writer:


“We”, Owen? The idea of you fighting in the last world war is hysterical. What would you have done apart from gesticulate and vituperate against the Nazis? My grandfathers were in the war and they were pretty conservative in their views. The thought of an Owen Jones associating himself with them now would have baffled them.
Jones represents the hypocritical liberal left perfectly. He screams for justice and tolerance while trying to silence anybody who disagrees with him. And when he doesn’t manage to silence the ‘dissenting’, he demonises them.
Owen Jones, like Jeremy Corbyn, has extolled the virtues of Venezuela and its ‘success story of socialism’. And yet he denounces Charlottesville and fascism – you could not make it up.
He would never believe it, but I’m quite sure Owen Jones with his aggressive brand of socialism has sent countless former Labour voters running to join the Conservative ranks.

Which leads me to Jeremy Corbyn who sacked his shadow equalities minister Sarah Champion for stating in an article that “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting young girls”.
Sarah champion did not do anything wrong: she didn’t lie, she didn’t exaggerate or distort facts, she didn’t try to inflame the masses, she merely wished to prompt a discussion of a serious, real problem. But we are not allowed to do that in our current society. We are allowed to beat ourselves up because we are white and privileged, we are allowed to be ashamed and try to atone for multiple sins going back generations, but that’s it.

So, Mr Corbyn who has defiantly explained his various meetings with IRA members and Hamas leader over the years with: “I did it because you have you listen to all sides if you want to resolve a problem” – THIS Mr Corbyn sacked Sarah Champion because, presumably, it is fine to listen to all sides – when it suits you. The hypocrisy is as shocking as it is repellent.

What is wrong with highlighting the fact that there IS a problem with Pakistani men abusing young girls? Everything. As long as there are racial and religious factors coming into the equation, any kind of debate is forbidden. The Muslim population cannot be discussed in any way shape or form and if you insist on doing so, you are racist, you are islamophobe, you are most probably a Nazi too.

Immigration and refugees? It is the same thing. If you so much as express doubt about open borders, you are a monster with no heart and no compassion. Well, I do have a heart. And to see a dead child washed up on a beach upsets me greatly. But I have a brain as well. Said brain is very well aware of the fact that particular picture of the dead child is being used by certain people with a certain agenda to try to influence my opinions, my decisions. My brain also tells me it is cheap, crass sensationalism – furthermore my brain says I am being manipulated into feeling guilty. So my heart weeps, but my brain rebels: the fact is that Europe CANNOT accommodate every refugee, it just can’t and no amount of compassion is going to change that basic fact.

Since when have the heart and emotions become the decisive factors when it comes to world’s problems? It never used to be that way. Reason is needed and I agree that reason alone is cold, but these days rational thought is not permitted AT ALL because the liberals have decided it is not.
I am not going to elaborate on the refugee crisis here and now because it deserves a post of its own, but let me add that not only can we not accommodate every refugee, we also have to be aware that there are wolves among the sheep. Not everyone seeking refuge is there to add and contribute to our society. There are quite a few horror stories involving refugees, the worst are set in Germany (predictably enough) but, it is not publicizied by the media because it doesn’t fit the narrative.
Do you think I’m outrageous? It is the pure and simple truth and I am saying it though I have been abused many times for doing so. I don’t give a fuck though, nobody is going to stop me from speaking my mind.

I also have concerns about Islam, a religion that is being interpreted differently depending on who practises it. I worry about certain mosques in Britain harbouring men who encourage hate towards the infidel: me, and anyone like me. I worry about multiculturalism that is in itself a good idea but which has also been pushed and rammed down people’s throats so much that instead of bringing people together, in many cases it has been incredibly divisive. I worry about Female Genital Mutilation which is outlawed but happens right here in Britain though there are no prosecutions because “we must be sensitive to the cultural differences.”
I worry about Muslim girls who were born here or in France, girls who might suddenly be taken out of school at 16 and sent to a country they’ve never been to – to be married off to a stranger who might be decades older than them.

I worry that Google manipulates search results to conceal criticism of Islam and jihad. I worry that Richard Dawkins was deplatformed at Berkeley because of ‘abusive speech’ against Islam. If we were to play a word association game and I said Richard Dawkins, what would be your immediate reply? That’s right: Christianity. His criticism of it is the reason most people have heard of him. He’s never been barred from speaking anywhere because of his views before, neither has he ever been accused of abusive speech because of it. But Islam? That won’t do, any criticism is deemed abusive. Double-standards as per usual.
I worry about terrorism and our wholly inadequate answer to it which is: love and more love – there is this crazy idea we are somehow WINNING because we sit there waiting for the slaughter with a smile on our faces and love in our hearts.

I worry about free speech, about being dragged back to the dark ages – the scandal of the Google memo and the utterly intolerant response to it, the sacking of James Damore, the liberals literally hounding anyone who might have thought he had a point, the actual witch hunt and trial…and I sit there reading it all, thinking: are we back in the 17th century?

I worry that the magazine Marie Claire found it acceptable to publish a review of Dunkirk which stated: it feels like another excuse for men to celebrate maleness and don’t they get to do that enough already? There were NO women on that beach! It was MEN getting blown to bits and going through hell! Did they want the cast to somehow include women? Did they want the film to be historically inaccurate? WHY are they disrespecting brave men who fought and died so we all could be here today?!

I worry that my Twitter account got limited 2 weeks ago because of ‘potential abuse’ when I haven’t been abusive to anyone but have merely expressed opinions. I was SO angry when it happened, Twitter as all of social media, is ran by liberals of course.

So I worry about A LOT of things. But I must worry quietly, I must not discuss these things in public because it makes me a heartless racist/sexist/supremacist bitch. Though of course I do talk about all of this publicly and I routinely get abused for it.

If I am told I am heartless enough times, will I eventually become heartless? Was there ever a better example of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Lena Dunham went on Twitter recently to denounce flights attendants who were guilty of transphobic talk at an airport. With utmost righteousness, she pointed the finger forcing the company to investigate because no airline these days wants Twitter to advertise they are not woke – the consequences could be serious. Lena Dunham, as I have written before, is repellent – a typical liberal ruling the media trying to silence anyone who doesn’t share her views, trying to police speech therefore killing free speech. No doubt Dunham was hoping for those flights attendants to be branded publicly with a giant scarlet letter. So, a private chat she happened to overhear was turned into a huge public bullying campaign – this is nothing short of harassment.

The ever accepting LGBT community took umbrage when this gay man tweeted this:


How very dare he? How can he be gay and happy and not consider himself a victim?
His opinion, of course, counts for NOTHING. The very fact he has never suffered abuse because of his sexuality apparently invalidates and offends everyone else who wasn’t so lucky. He later tweeted “it is safe to be gay in the UK”, a response to a TV programme which implied the contrary. Big mistake on his part, again. Because a very vocal portion of the LGBT community wants you to think it is NOT safe, and those ‘militants’ will flatten anyone who says otherwise.

The truth is just so boring: it IS safe to be gay in the UK, as safe as it is to be pretty much anything else. Obviously, you might get unlucky and one day meet a mob that’s going the beat the hell out of you because of your sexuality. You could also get beaten up for being fat, ugly, black, white, poor, rich…you see where I’m going with this. There are always going to be ignorant, stupid thugs out there, and they will hurt people for no good reason. It’s life, it’s cruel, but that’s how it is.

It is not helpful to constantly reiterate that being gay is…well, dangerous. There are so many gay people living happily and they do not identify with this victim tag. They don’t WANT the victim tag, and who can blame them? The liberals, that’s whom. Victim culture is everything and it’s a fight for whom will be the bigger victim, who gets discriminated against the most, who can be the ultimate winner in this misery story.

I was accused of being transphobic on Twitter recently, simply because I keep taking the piss out of the whole “gender is limitless” thing. How could I not though? It’s fucking ridiculous. I messaged all my gay friends at once and said: “guys, I’ve just been told I’m transphobic!” Of course they thought it was hilarious, like they find it hilarious that I’m regularly told I’m a homophobe. But then again they are intelligent people who won’t be defined by their sexuality, who are not interested in victimhood, they are not biased and recognise bullshit when they see it and they believe in free speech.

Gender is limitless. Really? So, once again we have gone from real progress when it comes to LGBT rights…to end up falling into the absurd. How can gender be limitless? Is this why scientists have been toiling to bring us out of the dark ages? For this?
I once saw a little boy who was miserably holding a doll at a kid’s party. His mothers had decided he should be brought up gender neutral. So the poor kid had his doll and stared longingly at the other boys with their trucks. I mean…to me, that’s actual child abuse. Recognising that a child might not necessarily identify with the gender they were born with and therefore accommodating their needs is one thing, it’s a GOOD thing, but forcing your beliefs on an innocent child is totally unacceptable. From good to bad to absurd and cruel.

This ridiculous gender free thing is being pushed hard on people, and again, if you emit the slightest doubt about it, you are accused, branded, condemned. Today, you could announce you identify as a teapot, or a dragon, or anything you choose – and contrary to the days of old when you would have been committed faster than I eat a bar of dark chocolate – you would be encouraged and PRAISED for your bravery in defying the norms. There is no more gender, we have to rethink and reconstruct our entire vocabulary to represent this. The phrase “ladies and gentlemen” has been scrapped from announcements on the Tube to make them gender neutral. You’d think scores of people must have been offended for such a drastic decision to be taken, but no, it was done voluntarily so that everyone would feel welcome. It is un-fucking-believable.
Some people are now featured proudly in major magazines spouting such rubbish that it is hard to know wether one should laugh or cry.
“I have so much gender, I have lots of gender” said one such individual – it doesn’t even mean ANYTHING! It’s gibberish!

This is how far it goes: Sgt. Peter Allan, an actual member of Sussex police who recently deleted his Twitter account due to the endless (deserved) ribbing, tweeted those gems



Most people were convinced his Twitter account was actually a parody account, which is a fair enough assessment for anybody blessed with even half a brain. It seems the police haven’t got enough real crime on their hands when they decide to employ someone who objects to supermarkets signs, toilet door signs (which were also deemed incredibly offensive) and investigating kids talking a lot of bollocks with each other, as kids tend to do.

This: nothing to do with Sgt Peter Allan this time but it’s too good not to be shared:


We keep adding letters, and why not? If gender is limitless then we are soon going to have to come up with an acronym for the acronym! It just goes to show, even when you think you’re woke, you’re never woke enough – you just cannot win.

I’ve circled around some different issues but I must go back to the original point: Nazis.

We saw the toppling of a confederate statue in North Carolina in reaction to Charlottesville: vile displays of people spitting on, and kicking the fallen statue, and basically acting like wild, disgusting animals. Those people are anti-racist and anti-fascist so it is actually ok for them to act that way – according to the media.
I saw an article in Vice this week titled: “Let’s blow up Mount Rushmore” – I read it but I won’t even sum it up because it was deranged. The title alone should give you a pretty good idea of the kind of tripe it was. Liberals want us to destroy everything that underpins western civilisation. The arseholes can’t comprehend you cannot rewrite history and shouldn’t want to. There’s been very few significant political figures in history who were totally free of questionable opinions or actions. Does it mean their achievements are now worth nothing? Does it mean we erase everything? The whole of western civilisation was built on blood, pain and injustice among other things: everything that we are now is because of everything that was then – we either accept it, like any sane person would, OR we blow up the whole fucking planet (the latter clearly appeals to liberals)



Nazis are bad, yes.
Some anti-Nazis are good
Some anti-Nazis are actually bad
Some anti-Nazis are the same as Nazis except with different values and ideas.

Antifa is an anti-fascist movement. We may call it the hard left. On paper, they look kind of good: supporting oppressed populations, peace, inclusivity etc…
In reality though, they are people who don’t hesitate to use violence as long as it is for the ‘good’ cause. There is something so moronic in the idea that you are seeking peace through violence. It is also incredibly frightening that they alone decide what constitutes racism and fascism. Why do they keep attacking the American flag? How did they decide it represented oppression and injustice? So many questions. It is strange that they should hide behind masks. The Nazis have their flags, Antifa have the masks, and when the two clash, it is virtually impossible to tell them apart in the violence that ensues – very fitting.

But, Antifa is indeed a just representation of the hard left, the increasingly demented liberals who will stop at nothing to silence anyone who doesn’t adhere to or dares to question their values. People have been lamenting the Nazis this last week, but they at least come unmasked with their intentions clear – there is no pretence at fighting for the good of all.

So many people are being driven underground by the hard left and its rigid control of the media, its attempt to control and manipulate people’s opinions. I don’t hesitate to speak out and neither do others but many more are not as ballsy – stupid might be a better word – and are swallowing their words, keeping quiet because they cannot handle being shouted at, abused, judged and condemned. And this – I’m repeating myself but I have to – this is what is dangerous in society: when people are too scared to express themselves and start to brood over it. This is insidious, this is the stuff that revolutions are made of.

Nazis, you can worry about, but you should worry far more about liberals and their aggressive ‘kindness’ and special brand of inclusivity which makes them lump – Nazis and non-Nazis, bigots and non bigots – together, thereby creating huge resentment.
Liberals are the new fascists you should worry about.

I am hung-over. This is not structured, not complete (so much more to say and elaborate on) and it is probably full of typos that my brain can’t possibly identify right now. It is not by any means meant to be a brilliant piece of journalism – it is just some jumbled thoughts that I had to write down to release some of the anger and frustration I have been feeling. And I am going to end on this because it’s just pretty perfect: