The mad arrogant hypocritical queen

Daenerys: I will help you fight the army of the dead…if you bend the knee

Jon looks away…

Daenerys: Are you going to let your pride get in the way of helping/saving your people?

Ok, here’s the thing: the White Walkers aren’t just Jon’s problem, they’re her problem too, they’re everybody’s problem! The arrogant, hypocritical bitch is letting HER pride get in the way of helping/saving her people and ALL the people.

She’s stuck on her stupid birthright (not even worth anything since, hello, Jon, but never mind) while he, totally ignorant of who he really is only cares about saving the WORLD.

I think it’s quite clear here who DESERVES to rule.

And that dragon scene may have been epic but it just highlighted that Daenerys is as much a villain as everyone else playing the game of thrones.

I felt exactly like Tyrion did when he watched his countrymen get burnt to a crisp with a desolate expression on his face. I could hardly believe it because – I LOVE dragons – but I wanted that one to get shot down.

What did Jon say to her earlier on in the episode? “If you go burning everything, you’re just more of the same” – I’m paraphrasing here like I did above, BUT she showed that she is indeed just more of the same. And there’s no way I believe Jaime is gone.

Any little remaining sympathy I may have had for Daenerys is now gone after the latest episode: arrogant and hypocritical is what she has proved herself to be and totally unfit to rule.

More than ever I believe in Jon: the true AND deserving heir – nobody else should sit on the Iron Throne. Certainly not a prideful bitch.

*This is my 5 minutes rant written on the train*


Maybe – probably

Do you feel like you’ve seen me before? That’s because you probably have. Think back, was it maybe inside the Louvres where I stood still, as though turned to stone, mentally writing lines while a single lonely fly buzzed and twirled unable to distract no matter how hard it tried…
Could it have been in a bar, in my hand a tall glass, colourful cocktails with exotic names, inebriated laughs, climbing to the top of fantasy slides with a stupid smile and a desolate heart…
Perhaps in a palace or in a gutter looking up at the stars, it’s not given to everyone to be able to channel Oscar Wilde, lurching from disaster to triumph, melting in time to the ice in our drinks, being knowing and getting dirty without ever blushing – it’s pointless feeling shame in the dark…
Yes, you’ve met me at some point in the past, me or another very similar, and you wondered was there more to that girl than madness in fits and starts? The cigarette in hesitant fingers, the look in the eyes kinda febrile, can she really love books like she loves shoes, can anyone truly really successfully own depth and style, attend one of Gatsby’s great parties and retain the spirit and intellect of a French marquise…
It was me, it was others, the arrows from Cupid were sometimes axes stuck in our backs, the fever was not a curse but a gift, if you bleed you’re an artist, nobody wants to be empty and frozen and stare at a blank page, you shouldn’t spare yourself or anybody else,
must dance and carouse, feast and fail, fly and fall, always, to the end without regrets because the knell rings, deafening, all too soon — and a floating balloon just pops, deflates and there is nothing, nothing left.

*Written last night when back from the pub, I went out in crazy weather and took my usual blurry pictures because: new shoes – black suede adorned with gold spikes and, guys, I’ve gone bling with those and I usually abhor bling BUT I adore those shoes*

Wit always wins


Khaleesi and Jon

This is probably going to be a very unpopular post but what the fuck, things have to be said.

Khaleesi is losing it: she’s become arrogant as hell and if I hear her go on about her “birthright” one more time, I’m going to do something real bad.

To be clear, I used to love this girl in the beginning. As recently as last year I wrote a post dedicated to her – I even got half naked to recreate THAT moment when she came out of the burning hut unscathed: Queen 

But, too much stuff has happened and she now just irritates the hell out of me.

Yes, she has united a bunch of people to fight for her, but let’s remember:

1. She’s hot (always helps, I’m sorry but it’s a fact)

2. She has DRAGONS

3. She’s a Targaryien

Then we have Jon Snow who’s also managed to unite people and he:

Has no dragons

Is a bastard

This was perfectly highlighted in last night’s episode when Khaleesi was introduced to Jon with a list of titles as long as my arm and Jon was just…”Jon Snow”.

Then she expected him to bend the knee…

What can I say…I was muttering darkly in front of the screen:

“Don’t do it, Jon…don’t do it…DON’T YOU DARE!”

I have never loved him as much as when he declined to bend that fucking knee. Because, WHY the fuck should he? He has demonstrated leadership skills far beyond what she has. As he said, he owes her NOTHING.
I have complained in the past that dragon girl is too much of a liberal but that’s exactly what she is.

Cersei got it right when she said Khaleesi is a revolutionary, not a ruler. She wants to free all the slaves and for everyone to be safe and happy, she’s basically Jeremy Corbyn with no sense of the economical or political repercussions her actions might have.

A deluded liberal who went on about what she has been through: she was sold and raped, etc…awful, yes.

But Jon was raised as a bastard, basically an undesirable, ended up on the bloody wall, had to face a dead army, had to give up the love of his life, was actually murdered…and you didn’t see him going on about his misery in that episode, did you? No, it was left to Davos to tell Dany that, actually, Jon has been through shit as well. And he got on with it and he doesn’t even want to rule! I bet if you asked him what he wishes for the most, it would be for Ygritte to be alive and to live for the rest of his days in that cave with her – that cave where they made sweet, sweet love.

I CANNOT wait for Khaleesi “I was born to rule” to learn that actually, there might be another Targaryien left with a claim to the throne that precedes hers. I really cannot wait for that moment.

Also: khaleesi brought back dragons that everybody thought were gone forever and yet she doesn’t believe in the White Walkers? Er…

All that said, the episode belonged to the Lannisters. It’s no secret I love them, because they are fascinating characters and because they always have all the best lines. Wit always wins with me and Tyrion and Cersei are just gifts, so it was good to see the family get plenty of screen time last night. Tyrion was absolutely brilliant, as ever – I’ve wanted him as my best friend since I started watching the show because, that man drinks and knows things! That’s enough, nothing else is needed – he’s perfect.

And Cersei totally stole the show. Yes she’s a bitch and yes she won’t rule for long, but man has she got style! I have to say it: if someone had murdered my daughter, I would also lie awake at night thinking of intricate ways to get revenge. And what Cersei came up with was fucking perfect: devilishly cruel – I cheered that kiss of death – yes, I fucking did, I loved it. There is none of that “don’t look back in anger” with Cersei, she does what I would do and hits her enemies a hundred times harder than they’ve hit her – my kind of woman.

Have to say quickly that Euron Greyjoy is a joke: they might have dressed him as some kind of incongruous rockstar but he’s hammy as fuck and frankly annoying. I’m surprised Jaime has managed to refrain from sticking his head on a spike. And Jaime is the bomb btw, I love this character so, so much.

Episode 3 was easily the best of the season so far. I have resigned myself to the utter RIDICULOUSNESS of the relationship between travel and time this season. It started on the previous season actually but it’s totally out of control now and makes NO sense, but whatever. So I’ve accepted that people get to wherever they’re going – next door or across the seas – seemingly in a day.

I don’t mind suspending disbelief because this is after all, fantasy, but there are limits to what I’m willing to ignore. How can a guy who had the entire fleet on his island stolen come back that quickly with a THOUSAND ships?

“Build me a thousand ships!” he roared at the end of the previous season – and they did! On an island made of rocks where there are no trees. Not to mention the extensive labour and time needed to build just ONE SHIP, let alone a thousand.

And HOW can he somehow land on the one ship his niece and nephew are on in the freaking middle of the night? While conveniently interrupting the girl on girl action that was just about to get underway? How can he destroy their fleet without any damage to his own?

Don’t even get me started on Sam curing Jorah by just following “the instructions in a book” while experienced maesters have tried and failed, often losing their lives in the process. Who knew the cure to Greyscale was that straightforward? Just remove the affected skin and apply ointment afterwards…er…REALLY???? Give me a break.

Sansa is now a ruler, she knows how to organise food supplies, plan for the winter, she knows EXACTLY what the blacksmiths should be doing, just like THAT.

Oh man, I wish they hadn’t rushed filming this season because it really shows.

I must end on Lady Olenna though because she managed to have the (devastating) last word after swallowing her poison. To die while totally gut punching your killer? Respect. She’ll be missed.

Do you remember?


Do you remember?
I used to wear candy pink for a dare, play the part of the prom queen for a day.
You never took ice in your drink, you liked to drop obscure hints.
We thought we’d be forever linked.

We lit innocent hearts plucked from unlucky bystanders, kindling in our palms we’d quickly discard and throw on the bonfire.

With the tip of our fingers we’d pick up the smouldering embers, watch them slowly die, and
laugh with the cruelty of youth… that has no regard for consequence & can’t comprehend the pain of absence.

There was so much love still to drink and no one had yet clipped our wings.

Do you remember?
We looked for art everywhere, prized intellect and quoted Voltaire, performed pirouettes, pretended to be the precious heir in a play by Molière.
Who did we think we were, all attitude and complicated words.
We thought we were deliciously sarcastic, delightfully ironic, we were – really – pathetic kids verging on the moronic, with impossible standards and a bad case of folie des grandeurs.

Do you remember?

As the violins cried behind the hills, we tried to imbue the bartender with the charm of Michelangelo’s David, but even the power of wishful thinking has its limits and we were left with nothing, not even a pale copy, not even an apprentice’s underdrawing, because the bartender, far cleverer than we were, had scampered with our tenners.

We made our memories and tore them into strips, scattered them to the wind, unable to believe that one day we’d want them back, if not intact then at least some kind of scrap.

Do you remember…
My purple eyeliner left streaks over my face. We still had to learn nobody ever wins this particular race, and that the best you can hope for is to reach the end with some kind of grace.

First posted July 26th 2016


Heartbreaking/stunning piece of writing by my insanely talented sister Candice


The day I came out … all my girlfriends took one step apart

it can’t bethey collectively agreed

she’s too pretty, she’s too feminine, she’s not a dyke she’s one of us

didn’t she enjoy sex with that boy in the garden? you know that party the one where

they turned the lights on and saw them straddled in tall grass?

What happened? Did you get raped? Was it because you grew up without a mom?

What happened? Did you get bewitched? Is she a sorceress? A genie? A devil?

Soon after the invites to go out on the girls-nights


the newly minted lesbian sat alone with her shadows and her eye make up

growing stale in their plastic boxes

virile boys wondered why they hadn’t kept her straight

cleavage girls wondered if she had looked at them in the shower the wrong way

why didn’t you try…

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Instant Crush


my half-closed eyes
our shadows
moving on the wall
unsubtle silhouettes
sketched in haste
in bold and frenetic motion
stark in its execution
we’re writing infinite stories
on each other’s bodies
raw scribbled lines
words without rhymes
rough caresses
laced with
occasional tenderness
we moan shudder and gasp
as if taking our last breath
on those insatiable nights
filled with perpetual fights
to stave off the darkness
and postpone death

*First posted in 2015*


They tell me
I know nothing about adversity
I’ve never suffered
Never faced prejudice
Thus denying
My tears
My scars
My entire history
Invalidating my feelings
Erasing my identity
While they are so keen
To assert theirs
When will they
Has a monopoly
On pain

*For all the arrogant, self-obsessed fuckers out there who assume far too much when they don’t have a fucking clue. Just because someone doesn’t constantly act like a victim doesn’t mean they haven’t had it hard too – some of us don’t enjoy navel-gazing, wallowing in self-pity and don’t have any desire to play the victim card every day of our fucking lives. But, hey, maybe it’s because we have a full deck to choose from instead of one lonely single one? Just a thought*


I have never been interested in pale copies and cheap imitations, though I may have been fooled by them for a short while on a couple of occasions. This – by a truly elegant man, a fine mind and a talented writer – is throbbing with (dark) passion.

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


You can try

every cure, every potion, every remedy,

you can erase it with drugs, with sex, with religion

you can cauterise it, crush it, cut it, crucify it,

you can freeze it, forgive it, forget it, fuck it,

you can deny it, defy it, deride it, destroy it,

you can burn it, break it, belittle it, betray it, bury it,

you can hate it, harm it, hurt it, harangue it,

you can trick it, tear it, trap it, trash it,

you can eject it, evade it, evict it, eat it,

you can poison it, persecute it, prick it, prune it,

you can shame it, shatter it, smash it, suck it

you can ruin it, regret it, reduce it, rape it,

you can inject it, intimidate it, isolate it,

you can leave it, lash it, lose it.

You can try

every spell, every enchantment, every charm

you can call…

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