I’m not asking you to:
Scale the walls
of creepy castles
Dive into a medieval moat
Slice anybody’s throat
Send complex smoke signals
Ride into the savage storm
shooting scarlet arrows
Battle blood-curdling cyclops
Wrestle wild aurochs
Banish ghouls or ghosts
I’m not asking you
to be brave, a saint, a hero

Why would I?
When you’re not even able
to return a fucking phone call

Image credit: cat-girl-q8.deviantart.com

*First posted last year, but there’s always a fuckwit it can apply to*

Autumn – The Shock of the Fall.

This is a witty & rather lovely post about Autumn (my favourite season!) by my (really talented) friend Tom.
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Idle blogs of an idle fellow

The English are frequently accused of talking about the weather, that’s if they can be interrupted, but there’s just so much of the bloody stuff that it’s hard not to. Unlike Australia for example, were weather forecasts in Coober Pedy have remained unchanged since the 1940s – they just press play after the ‘news’. If you listen carefully you can hear Anzacs returning from the war in the background. Besides, the English can’t ask if it’s teatime all the time. Well, we can, but the weather’s a permanent option once you have that cuppa in hand.

October is a busy time of year, with the weather as predictable as a compass at a magnet party. The temperature plays it’s usual autumnal tricks of appearing far colder from the window than it actually is outside. Not that this stops many people forgetting all about Autumn and thinking Winter starts when Summer…

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Someone said today
I should upgrade iOS
but no way,
it’s the world that’s due an upgrade
not my phone
I’m not even asking for anything difficult,
(Ok, I kind of am)
not demanding we get rid of all evil,
reality TV, most stupid people
political correctness
terrorism and fucking candles
victims cards should be abolished —
play the game properly
without constant tears and whining
if you can’t handle it
for fuck sake, don’t play
why make everybody miserable
every time you stumble
and blame, always blame
everyone but yourself
has nobody
got any sense of responsibility
don’t answer that, don’t tell me
I used to be filled to the brim
with feelings and empathy
these days my finger is on the trigger
of a metaphorical gun
I’m all out of patience
no I haven’t got a license
to carry
neither do the jihadists
come to think of it
yet they kill
with impunity
in a war we’re not fighting
as we’re not even allowed to admit
it exists
if you think I’m angry
too right, I’m often fucking seething
and not just because of ISIS
or the refugee crisis
I’m applying lipstick
I bought in Paris
it’s bright red, it’s Chanel
and what I see in the mirror
is the colour of blood
on my lips
I taste nails and excuses
acrid smoke
rusty razor blades
bitter flavours
requesting a whisky chaser
so yes, I need an upgrade
to wipe out the horror, the terror
I’m not going to get it from Apple
or a society so goddamn brittle

Image credit: Apple Vortex on deviantart.com



On the outside, I was
well put-together, a polished shell
luxurious mane of dark hair
skin delicate porcelain
bright cyan eyes
popular, clever, straight A’s
window dressing at best—
at worse, half-truths and lies
which were betrayed
by chewed-up nails
hands continuously restless
overflowing ashtrays
piling up around me like used cars
in a dealer’s yard
I ran with scissors
juggled with razors
under the cover of darkness
this, the predators
knew, felt
they could smell weakness
a need to love and help
so great
it would seal my fate
tie me to a runaway train
for more years than I could bear
they—could hardly believe their luck
couldn’t wait to fuck me
and fuck me up
defective and mean
they’d bite
claws digging into soft flesh
they’d forgotten or didn’t recognise kindness
perhaps never knew it,
lacked it, hence hated it
either way it came to the same thing
and it’d always end in the same fashion
I’d bleed, weep
my tears falling, for myself
but mostly for them
I hadn’t managed to fix my pain
but even worse, I hadn’t fixed theirs

*Posted last year but I like it. I’ve grown tougher over the last few years, thank f**k, but overall, this is such an accurate description of my (early) life. Oh, and on reflection, the pic of my eye is slightly creepy, sorry about that.*


When you are as fussy with everything (people included) as I am, connections are rare and you loathe to sever them. However, sometimes you have to, for whatever reason.
It happened to me last week and being the over-thinker that I am, I worried that although it was sort of a mutual decision, my parting words might have hurt the other person’s feelings.
I thought that it was more than likely I had expressed myself rather clumsily, that I gave the impression I hadn’t appreciated the connection fully, that I’d diminished it. I basically started wishing I could erase the last week and start again. 
So, I was hit with a pang of guilt and regret, but what was done was done.
Not long afterwards, I realised that this “connection” had unfollowed me both on social media and WP and had also removed me from their list of followers.
Why the unnecessary drama? We interacted for a while and it was fine until we had a conflict – it lasted a day and it wasn’t anything major. That we stopped talking privately as a result is one thing, but to go through the whole unfollowing thing as well? If they really had to unfollow me, then, fine, I can accept that choice though I don’t understand it, but to remove me from their list of followers was just ridiculous – there was nothing to warrant that, we hadn’t had a major falling-out or anything. Maybe I wanted to keep on enjoying their writing? Forcing people to unfollow you is such a silly thing to do anyway when you’re on a public platform – you can’t stop people from looking at your content unless you go the private route.
There is also the fact this person had said (repeatedly) that they admired my mind and creativity. They can’t have meant it because if they had, they wouldn’t have taken active steps so that I wouldn’t appear on their feed anywhere.
I, however, did mean it when I said I enjoyed their writing, and liked their mind, which is why I will keep on reading them – even if I have been removed from ‘lists’ – though not just yet, because right now everything I liked and still do about them is overshadowed by this…pettiness that I really didn’t expect.
I just feel that life is too short for unnecessary drama.

(Song makes sense to me, in relation to this, though it probably won’t for anyone else – and I make no apology for the Noel Gallagher worship)

It’s all over for now

Night King and Dragon

I wrote a little something after every episode this season so I have to add my final thoughts.

The finale was VERY satisfying, despite how they’ve rushed things to get to it.

The fact Arya and Sansa were playing Littlefinger all along was a “thank fuck for that” moment, because the alternative would have made no sense, especially (as I said last week) with Bran being this all-knowing person now. So Littlefinger’s days of plotting and scheming are over – about time.

The whole meeting in the Dragon pit was interesting, stellar acting from Lena Headey (Cersei), as per usual. The fact the meeting didn’t really achieve anything was no surprise, it was a silly idea – it was obvious bringing a wight to Cersei was never going to sway her. That meeting happened for one reason only: so we could get all the main protagonists in one place.

I really enjoyed the scene between Cersei and Tyrion, I was also incredibly relieved Jaime finally called time on his relationship with his demented sister – I knew he would do the right thing in the end. It just made sense, but their parting was nonetheless heartbreaking.

Jon and Dany did the deed. Humph. I found that scene kinda sickly. It’s strange because incest didn’t disturb me when it was Cersei and Jaime – theirs was such a fascinating relationship and it really felt like love, especially in the first few seasons. But Jon and Dany, I can’t get with it.

I know we have been told by different characters that they were “falling for each other”, etc…but I never saw it myself. When did they? They looked at each other a bit, ok, but didn’t really spend that much time together, didn’t really have meaningful talks…it just doesn’t feel right. They have got together because it’s expected, because it adds a twist, but not because they have been swept away by love and lust – I’m just not buying it. I can’t be the only one to see there’s zero chemistry between them two. 

That’s another difference between this incestuous love affair and the Lannister one: Cersei and Jaime, we have seen their relationship grow and evolve over time (all 7 seasons) while Jon and Dany met and pretty much got together instantly – it was rushed, like so many other things in season 7.

Also, Jon has been confirmed as Aegon Targaryen – rightful heir to the throne. We all knew by now, but to have Bran look back and say it was still a satisfying moment. Or it was for me anyway, as I started championing Jon as the Targaryen who was the legitimate heir YEARS ago when most people looked at me rather dubiously when I mentioned it.
Will any of us be able to stop calling him Jon though? I doubt it.

The wall crumbling gave us some breathtaking scenes. That dead dragon is as awesome as I thought it would be. It’s just a shame the plot plunged to ridiculous depths to have the Night King acquire his WMD. I’m sure he could have done so in a much more believable way. But anyway, that ending was epic, the sight of the White Walkers and their army standing underneath the wall before it was breached and they marched ahead was fucking fantastic.

How long will we have to wait for the ending? Some have said it might take 2 years, I bloody hope not but it probably will. Apparently there will only be 6 episodes in the last season, that worries me because we still have to deal with the White Walkers, Jon finding out about who he really is, how it’s going to affect his relationship with Dany, who’s finally going to end on the Iron Throne, etc…I bet they are going to rush the ending, like they rushed this season. I’d rather wait longer and for them to really do things properly, but of course it is not up to me.

In any case, I can’t wait for the ending though I’m going to be distraught when it’s all over. Despite the many flaws this last season, Game of Thrones is incredible TV. After the finale last night, I was so pumped up I couldn’t sleep for ages even though I had stayed up till 2am to watch it – as I have been doing every Sunday since Season 7 started.

On a final note, I must say the soundtrack has been absolutely amazing – I don’t think I had mentioned it up to now.

Winter has come, will it ever end? We must wait to find out.