Heartbreaking/stunning piece of writing by my insanely talented sister Candice


The day I came out … all my girlfriends took one step apart

it can’t bethey collectively agreed

she’s too pretty, she’s too feminine, she’s not a dyke she’s one of us

didn’t she enjoy sex with that boy in the garden? you know that party the one where

they turned the lights on and saw them straddled in tall grass?

What happened? Did you get raped? Was it because you grew up without a mom?

What happened? Did you get bewitched? Is she a sorceress? A genie? A devil?

Soon after the invites to go out on the girls-nights


the newly minted lesbian sat alone with her shadows and her eye make up

growing stale in their plastic boxes

virile boys wondered why they hadn’t kept her straight

cleavage girls wondered if she had looked at them in the shower the wrong way

why didn’t you try…

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Pride (or the Madonna effect)

imageSo, yesterday was the annual Pride celebration in my wonderful city. I wish I had beautiful words full of wisdom to write about it, but the truth is that I’ve been too busy trying to recover to come up with anything…except: a fantastic time was had by all and out of all the pics that have surfaced so far, only one taken early on in the evening is actually decent, albeit grainy. It turns out that last night I developed a totally new ability, out of nowhere, to channel Miley Cyrus while in full tongue-flashing mode – the shame! My friend Sam can totally pull it off but suffice to say that I simply cannot. 

This single phone pic is of Sam and I, waiting at the bar for our Vodka and cokes. We’d just thrown the most amazing moves (trust me, they were amazing) on Madonna’s Vogue (such a classic).
From Vogue on, it was a totally awesome night when straight, gay, bi, etc…all celebrated together. I love that it’s now completely normal for us straight people to join in with the Pride celebrations. Thinking about it, Sam was the only one of my gay friends to do Pride this year, a few said they were suffering from “Pride fatigue” and a couple others just don’t “do” Pride because they don’t see the point – they feel that the “gay fight” has been more or less won and that Pride is kind of redundant now.

Still, the rest of the gay population in the city had no such qualms apparently and turned out ‘en masse’, but I can safely say that there seemed to be almost as many straight people as they were gay ones revelling in the merry festivities last night. I think that’s the secret to people getting on and accepting each other for who they are: get them all in one place with Madonna & the Scissor Sisters blasting from the speakers and add a copious amount of alcohol…how could it possibly fail? And that, folks, is my words of wisdom for today (lol)