To the very end

When they sit there and lie to your face.
Even though there is nothing to gain because it’s already been agreed that this is IT, that the end has been well and truly reached.
Yet, they lie. They have a very last chance to be as honest as you are being right now, to change the habit of a lifetime, to finally do things right.
But instead they listen to you speak the truth, and they lie.
I cannot comprehend such a level of dishonesty, how anyone could be so weak and cowardly, how they can have so little respect for others (and even themselves) that they would lie. To the very end.
I. Just. Can’t.

Pretty little liars


The pretty little liar is trapped in a cage, desolate yet defiant and unable to admit that this is a situation of her own making. She has erected those bars herself with her unique blend of truth and fiction, twisting of events and outright nasty lies.

It is such a satisfying sight to see her suffer – an intense perverse pleasure – seeing her squirm, seeing her burn, since her pants are now really, actually on fire.

She’s only got what she deserves: little white lies and tall tales are poles apart from artful deception – and are born from very different intentions. The pretty little liar’s raison d’être is purposeful deceit – a frankly repellent thing – hence I wouldn’t lift a finger to rescue her and end her current torment.

Pretty little liars reap what they sow: misery and sorrow – so they have nobody but themselves to blame for their woes.

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