I sit here, worried and wondering: when will the sullen moments of a disturbed leader turn into more than toddler tantrums and become psychopathic rage that will bury us all?

It is hard to believe this perpetual farce occurring in America is real and not a particularly implausible and depressing episode of The Twilight Zone.

Wall of steel

you made me into a junkie

the initial high—impossible to repeat

the hundreds of lows that followed

were the real story

how fucking awful to be ripped apart slowly

better one swift fatal blow as anything is preferable

to prolonging the agony, than to be

desperately looking for a vein to raise—to inject

skin disintegrating, body failing

not being able to feel—anything—but this sick twisted need

craving what was killing me

you played your cruel games, made me doubt myself

I forgot even my name, the days passing by—an intangible thread

this descent into madness brought on by a friend

I never would have guessed could be so heartless

by the end I was a sack of brittle bones

with a diminished soul

you broke me

and left me

like I was nobody

like I was nothing

you said for your defects I was to blame

when you were my wall of steel

on which I hit my head repeatedly

each time hoping for a different ending

you committed the worst kind of sin

you used my own scars against me

(I hope you know this song is about you)

I read a short poem by Alan @ Monochrome nightmares Unchained which stayed in my head for days. I particularly couldn’t forget his “wall of steel” and lines kept coming up revolving around those 3 little words — this is the result.
Thank you, Alan for kindly agreeing to let me borrow your “wall of steel” – you are one hell of a writer and a very generous one too.
I know and understand your “dark”, my friend – all too well.

Kanye West = Ego = Zero


I have some advice for you, Kanye West
Why don’t you consider trying, just once
To remember that you are truly blessed
To stop being such a predictable dunce
You are so not the centre of the universe
Every time I see you, I can’t help but curse
Will you please deflate that gigantic ego
Which reduces you to a feeble sad zero