I am the cliché driving off into the sunset
On my way to that mythical unspecified place
Where damaged and tortured souls conglomerate

You’ve seen me in many films
I’m positive I made you weep
Inspired you even, this stuff’s pretty deep

But baby, I have to tell ya
That sunset leads nowhere fast
Stay put, work it out, you can’t run from the past

Okay, so this came to me while looking at the sky this evening in the car: one joke about driving off into the sunset, a remark on how many movies have ended that way – and I came up with these modest but very cynical few lines. Don’t blame me, blame the sea and sky for inspiring such cynicism…(well, ok, you can blame me a little)

Rough Cut


I wish I could imbue our story with a cinematic feel
Some dramatic lingering shots
Of blurry rusty leaves and whatnot
Sepia toned to give it a vintage sheen

What we had was barely a B-movie
Not even sordid, utterly banal in its mediocrity
An unfinished tale – hardly Hollywood worthy
A rough cut of random scenes, poorly edited – c’est la vie



Why rush?
Plenty of time to raise a flush
Take it easy…

Savour the taste of Anticipation – the
almost, but not quite, frustration
No hands on my clock

Now go,
but slow
This ain’t a cheap value meal
Use your fingers by all means
Just don’t forget the cutlery

All too aware you’re greedy, and needy
Still, control your breathing,
prove to me you’re worthy
Of a feast fit – not for a fool – but for a king