The void

The make up isn’t enough to hide the lies
The truth is squirming in your eyes
Lips moving – you are speaking – but saying nothing
Of any importance, of any relevance

Hypocrisy, shallowness
Everything on the surface
So many different facets
Displaying vast swathes of nothingness – great expanses of emptiness

News flash: People are shallow


The Maths lecturer who also happens to be a model has been dominating the news on social media:

Apparently the world is aghast – and just cannot comprehend – the fact  that someone can be intelligent and also “hot”.

Personally, this guy doesn’t do it for me. At all. But I’ve never been into model looks and superficial beauty, so that’s hardly surprising. Still, that’s not really the point, is it?

Do we really live in a world that classifies people as either “clever” or “fit”? Haven’t we moved on from that? Is it so very difficult to believe that people can be both?

And now we have girls (and guys) falling over themselves to proclaim a newly found love for Maths just because this particular lecturer is ripped. Apparently Pietro Boselli is “winning hearts around the world” – I’m sorry but what a load of utter b******s. If Johnny Depp himself was willing to teach me Maths, I still wouldn’t be interested. Well, maybe I’d consider it for a minute or two, but I’m pretty sure I’d decline all the same (I really do hate Maths).

Are good looks really the only way to get the masses to listen and take notice of what you have to say? I find that so, so depressing.

How I wish people would stop being so fucking shallow – not that it’s going to happen anytime soon, more’s the pity!