We are
no more
no less
than props
in the
universe’s play

I know sunsets are a photography cliché but I don’t really care as when I experienced this one – trite as it may sound – it was a beautiful and profound moment.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment or messaged me following my grandmother’s passing on Wednesday — you guys are gorgeous people, your words and being in your thoughts meant a lot to me ❤️



I am the cliché driving off into the sunset
On my way to that mythical unspecified place
Where damaged and tortured souls conglomerate

You’ve seen me in many films
I’m positive I made you weep
Inspired you even, this stuff’s pretty deep

But baby, I have to tell ya
That sunset leads nowhere fast
Stay put, work it out, you can’t run from the past

Okay, so this came to me while looking at the sky this evening in the car: one joke about driving off into the sunset, a remark on how many movies have ended that way – and I came up with these modest but very cynical few lines. Don’t blame me, blame the sea and sky for inspiring such cynicism…(well, ok, you can blame me a little)